Who We Are


BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd (BMSEM Ltd) is a wholly owned Ghanaian Limited Liability Company, incorporated under the Companies Act, 2019 (Act 992). 

The company was formed by a group of UK trained and Ghanaian High Voltage Engineers and Energy Experts, with the main objective of providing a broad spectrum of innovative and technological solutions in the field of Energy, Engineering, M&E Facilities and Project Management, for the local and international community.

BMSEM Ltd, apart from its pool of experts and consultants in Ghana also has globally-operating team of advisors in times of need, dedicated to helping both public and private, local and international investors to unlock the potential of investing in the country in the fields of Energy, engineering, manufacturing, production and explore the windows of opportunities that technology offers in Ghana.

‘Engineering for your Safety, Comfort and Efficiency’ is our banner.

Our Operations


With our 24/7 premium services, BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd professional outfit encompasses multiple disciplines who aim at achieving first class results to ensure that the built facilities work harmoniously to save money, energy and downtimes.

Our Engineering and Energy Consultants work on huge, medium and small range of projects. Our priority also is to ensure that valuable assets such as properties, buildings and equipment are well serviced and maintained for excellent functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency, to the satisfaction of our clients.

Power Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness Approach


Energy is one of the biggest operational costs for most public sector, industrial and commercial businesses. Our team of consultants help provide our clients the opportunity to explore ways and means to mitigate the operational costs with choices and long term solutions.

Alongside this, the BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd can audit the business operations to explore carbon reduction, on-site generation solutions, and improve on the power factor correction to help cut your business overhead costs and meet green ambitions.

The fact is, no two applications are the same, BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd team of experts have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the most economical, efficient, and safe technology for your business operations.
We use blended technical expertise and operational experience to deliver. We entreat you to talk with our experts today.

Our Energy & Project Management Solutions


We fully understand the need for carbon reducing solutions on the construction, production and manufacturing sites, and are proud to offer market leading sustainable power equipment.

No matter how big or small your project is, we have devised a package of innovative solutions to reduce your energy and water consumption. We can do this by providing energy management through diverse means, including Solar PV installations with the use of Hybrid Grid-tie Inverters for easy switching from solar source to national grid and vice-versa, provide smart metering, consumption planning, LED lights programmable infraRed sensor controls and water efficiency.

We further provide spectrum of technologies for water management and waste water treatment systems which include all main water treatment technologies and proven modern filtration technologies for desal pretreatment and tertiary wastewater treatment technologies, such as grey-water treatment and ozone water treatment systems.

On Investment In Ghana


We know that sector-specific knowledge is very essential to an investment in Infrastructure, Assets and Power Production, etc.

This is why the BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd is seen as a pool of people with all the right and needed expertise to assist investors make good choice for investment in Ghana.

Life Of Energy Consultants & Engineering Experts At BMSEM Ltd


Despite the fact that our consultants and engineering experts usually work on short term projects, they work also on very diverse projects. BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd global services provides a range of consultancy and engineering solutions to our numerous clients across the world.

BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd, literally brings engineering, planning, designing, management and consultancy skills to a wide construction, infrastructure, and facilities management solutions, with our headquarters situated in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

Our consultants and engineering experts usually work across a huge range of industries, their roles could change every day to ensure flexibility of work and knowledge transfer. Majority of our consultants are specialised in certain industries and repeatedly work on the same kind of projects for perfect outcomes, or the projects might vary considerably depending on demands and expectations.

Some typical responsibilities of our expert engineers and consultants include:

  • Advising companies on the best ways to start new engineering projects, mapping out what is feasible and advising on costs and timescales.
  • Planning out the project, including mapping the processes and risk assessment, as well as leading a team of designers and technical engineers.
  • Managing the project from start to finish, by overseeing processes and liaising with all involved parties
  • Working on site at projects, meeting team members and discussing issues, as well as doing admin and project management from an office/desk
  • Reporting back to business owners with status updates and any issues or project wins
  • Wrapping up a project by signing off health and safety protocols and ensuring all steps have been covered thoroughly

BMSEM Expertise For Your Project


With a wealth of experienced team made of local and international, the BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd Engineers and Consultants have all of the required capabilities to take our clients’ projects from the conceptual to the completion stages.

Our approach to project delivery combines sustainability, social responsibility, greening, renewables and innovative technologies to provide world class solutions that not only complement and improve the natural and built environments, but to also provide value in meeting our Clients’ requirements.