BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd, specialises in engineering, renewable energy technologies, projects and facilities management and building maintenance. We create cutting-edge solutions for genuine engineering and energy issues that have the potential to significantly alter the course of human history.

We seek to hire energetic, creative, and committed individuals to join our dedicated expanding team so that we can maintain and further expand our highly esteemed reputation.

We make an investment in our employees by providing opportunities for learning and development at every level of their career, enabling them to reach their full potential

We support our employees to participate in local and international symposiums and seminars and to meet with our top clients.

We believe that developing our staff to their full potential is critical to our success as an equitable engineering company. The idea is to have majority of our personnel’s capacity built enough to make them versatile and to be able to hold the fort for each other, whiles providing individual expertise in distinctive assigned projects.

BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd is proud of its welcoming and open culture. We endeavor to keep a people-first mindset as we expand.

Whatever stage of your career in the facilities and project management, energy and engineering technology disciplines, we are confident you will like working at BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd.

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