Dr. Susan Ama Amuasi

Project Management, Health, and Research Consultant


Dr. Susan oversees planning, developing, and maintaining procedures, equipment, and policies that have impact in all facets of our research; leads program strategy, program management, technology approach, implementation methodology, quality control, and support for the program for BMS Engineering Maint. Ltd, with expertise in ethical implementation of public health interventions and using qualitative and quantitative software application for data analysis. 

She possesses a PhD in Public Health and currently serves as a Senior Lecturer at the Central
University, school of Medicine and Health Sciences in Accra, serves on various boards and
consults for some organisations and institutions. She acts as the Senior Research Consultant and Project Team Lead for BMS Engineering Mant. Ltd.

Susan has been part of the implementation of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) project in Ghana under the auspices of Au-New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) as Group Facilitator.

Serves as a Member and Secretary to the HealthCare Skill Sector Body (SSB) at the Commission for Technical and Vocational Educational Training (CTVET).

You can contact Susan on :