Our Vision


Our vision is to remain the company of choice for our clients in this globally competitive market, and to be widely recognized within the local & international community for all our businesses, driven by innovation, cutting edge technology, execution excellence, superior customer service and client satisfaction.

Our Mission


To create value and deliver reliable, high quality solutions for customers in energy Consultancy & engineering maintenance, renewable energy technologies, project management and help inculcate the culture of facilities and building maintenance, by providing exceptional professional services in the most efficient, cost effective and timely manner.

Our Core Values


Professionalism: In providing our professional services, we are dedicated to competence, dependability and excellence. We believe that our projects are a reflection of who we are and what we do as a company.

Integrity – We employ the highest ethical standards in the execution of our work and we believe that our continued success is based upon trust, honest communication and having the best interests of our clients at the heart of our projects.

Teamwork: – we believe that an open culture characterized by mutual respect, sharing of ideas and a commitment to common goals contribute to the overall productivity of our firm. Each team member plays a vital role by providing their unique expertise and a distinctive perspective to each project that they are involved in.

Efficiency: – we endeavor to remain accountable to our clients for the efficient execution of any project. We work to identify and execute cost savings wherever we can.

Customer Service: – we are dedicated to exceeding client expectations by aiming to engineer for their safety, comfort & efficiency.

Our strong commitment to the values above, is what sets BMS Engineering Maintenance Ltd above the rest.